Troubled Teen in Laveen-ku

I feel sorry for

that kid’s dad, who called the cops

who killed the kid, too.


Seventh Day PAD Poem

Once upon a time, there were three
Blondes. The first blonde had long,
Sexy legs. The second blonde had
Even longer legs. They were almost like
Stilts. The third blonde was skinny like
Spaghetti, with long, stilt-sexy legs.
If there is a fourth blonde, I want her to come
Over to my house and walk around in the
Nude so that I can suit up and leave, unnoticed.

Poem Challenge, Day Six

After The Fall

Leaves change and fall, wind sweeps.
Lounging on the ground at the park,
Not too cold to dream, he falls asleep.

Soon the setting sun recalls the dark.
Night, like winter, tells a kind of death.
Then firelight illumines the Gospel of Mark.

Seeing disbelief in every breath,
The miracle is in the spring beginning
Despite the damn’d in evils to top Macbeth.

Then summer comes as certain as the sinning.
Dense air chokes a dull confession
And lightning gathers warmth into the raining.

He wakes from this, his dream of darkest seasons.
Happy now, relieved of all but reason.


First, the Trick

Blankety-blank blank-blank.
They made me walk the plank.
The yo-ho-hos were on their toes.
The sharks, so close, they stank.

I pinched my nose. I held my breath.
I said my prayers, resigned to death.
And when, at last, that moment came,
A sleeping beauty, I became.

With fun-size candy in my bed,
Gruelling dreams of dolorous dread,
My blanket clutched and wet with sweat,
That smelly beast was just my pet.

She licked my toes and sniffed my sheets,
That Mardi Gras party slog sled dog,
I bribed her with bits of doggie treats
To co-star in my poem-a-day blog.